My Travel Story

What sparked your love of travel?

For me, most of my favorite childhood memories are from the trips my family took together. Our travels were mostly domestic but they allowed my siblings and I to experience all the beauty that America has to offer. 

Cross country trips on Amtrak (One of the best ways to see the country. See sample trips here .)…shopping trips to New York City, road trips to the beaches of Miami… I am eternally grateful to my parents for providing us with experiences that showed us what life was like beyond our hometown.
Our family vacations also sparked my desire to learn about different cultures, further fueled by an obsession with National Geographic Magazine.

My childhood trips are what continue to feed my current travel bug. Two years ago I made a commitment to see more of the world. I challenged myself to leave my comfort zone, booked a trip to Dubai on a whim, and I haven’t looked back since. I’m half a dozen countries in, with more exciting adventures in my near future.

Travel fulfills me in a  way nothing else has. Meeting new people, experiencing delicious cuisines, seeing the sights… everything about seeing more of the world inspires and energizes me. I can’t wait to begin sharing my travels and more with you all.

What’s your travel story?