Eating Cape Town

I decided to devote an entire post to the food in Cape Town because honestly, the food is truly that good. Where are some of the best places to eat for cheap in Cape town? Especially if you are on a budget? Glad you asked.

Bo-Kaap Kombuis: You can admire the colorful beauty that is Bo-Kaap, take in city views, and have the best roti of your life. Great spot for sampling Cape-Malay cuisine.

Eastern Food Bazaar: This open-air food stall establishment is great for groups. Vendors are selling Indian and Middle-Eastern style curries, shwarmas, and even bunny chow. Bunny chow is a South African dish that’s basically a meat stew served in half a loaf of bread.

The Neighbourgoods Market: It’s only held on Saturdays so it’s perfect for lunch or simply snacking on everything from sautéed mushrooms, dim sum, and stuffed macaroni and cheese balls to paella made on the spot. Also make sure you stop by the bar for the most beautiful Moscow mule you’ll ever have.

aMododa: I sang the praises of this spot in my post about things you must do when in Cape Town. Come prepared to EAT. It’s essentially South Africa’s version of BBQ so there is no shortage of grilled meats, accompanied by house made bread to enjoy. It’s great for an early dinner and the DJ playing local tunes turns this braai into a party. 

Tasha’s: Okay. So Tasha’s is located inside the Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre. Yes, a mall. Yes, it is a chain. But I don’t care about any of that. I had the best chicken salad sandwich ever here from brunch. Just go. If you’ve got fickle eaters with you, this is the perfect spot. 

Arnolds Restaurant: Kloof Street is lined with cute eateries, but if you’re in the mood to get a little adventurous, try out Arnolds. What do I mean by adventurous? How does warthog, crocodile, and springbok sound? I went for the ostrich and it was delicious.

Cod Father: I waxed poetic about the seafood at Cod Father in my previous post about Cape Town. Just visit and make sure you make a reservations. This spot can be difficult to get to but offers beautiful dinner views.

Been to Cape Town? What were your favorite cheap eats?