3 Travel Must-Haves

This week I’ll be taking my first trip of 2017. Preparing for it got me to thinking: what are my 3 travel must haves?

  1. Leather backpack: So your backpack doesn’t have to be leather, but mine is and I’d definitely recommend it. I’m currently rocking a classic black leather backpack from Coach, and it literally can carry everything. Typically, I’ll put my water bottle, headphones, wallet, passport, and any other small things I don’t want getting lost or crushed in my luggage, in my backpack. I treated it with waterproof spray so that it’s more of an all-weather bag. If you don’t have a durable backpack, I recommend that you get one ASAP.
  2. First-Aid kit: I’m a bit of a spazz when I travel. I’m always conscious of what I’m eating, drinking, touching; so it’s only natural that I would see the importance of being prepared for the worst. I’ll typically carry an anti-hystemine, a digestive aid, cold meds and an antiseptic. It only takes one time for you to fall victim to Montezuma’s revenge and you aren’t prepared to know the utmost importance of having meds readily available. 
  3. Camera: Well, duh. No need to even explain this one. I do want to sing the praises on this Sony camera though. I primarily use this Sony a5000 when I go on trips. I’ve had it for a couple years and it still gets the job done. It’s ease of use, compact body and the ability to transfer photos to my phone via wifi makes this camera great choice for amateur photos, like myself.

**Honorable mention: Travel adapterIf you’re traveling abroad, this honorable mention item truly is a ‘must-have’. If you’ve never travelled out of your home country, you probably haven’t even thought about the fact that not all countries use the same style of power adapter. Save yourself from learning the hard way… blowing a fuse, starting a fire or shocking yourself, by picking up a travel converter.  They’re super inexpensive and worth it!

Now that I’ve shared mine, what are the items that you just can’t leave without?