Discover the Beauty of Cuba

Cuba, Havana in particular, is a shell of the crown jewel it once was. Many of the buildings have dilapidated exteriors, everyday Western amenities are some times scarce; but the magic of Cuba isn’t about frills. The culture (the music, the art) that pulses through the streets of Havana are truly where the magic lies.

Take the time to walk the streets of Vedado, Old Havana and Miramar; listen to the sounds, sip the famous rum and partake in a cigar. Talk to the Cuban people and ask them where they like to eat and go dancing, or maybe just have pleasant conversation. But whatever you do, don’t think that because Cuba lacks “things”, you can’t have one hell of an experience, because I’m here to say that you can.

Over the next week I will be sharing a glimpse of what my stay in Cuba was like as my girlfriends and I explored Havana and Viñales Cuba.

Enjoy the video I created using my GoPro– I’m new to this so go easy on me 🙂